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Wellington Antonio Barrientos a mathematical and Chemistry scholar honor student at a young age that earned him an internship at Goldman Sachs at the age of 13 on Wall Street, New York City. Walked away from an offer to attend Columbia University and went to study law to become a lawyer at John Jay Criminal Justice College and left to join a startup commercial real estate company. Recruited and sponsored by 7 different multinational and Global investment bank and financial services companies. Accomplished meaningful professional relationships on honor, trust, respect with clients in switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Sweden, Spain, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, Dubai, Egypt, India, South Africa, Brazil, United States, Mexico and Canada basically From North American, South American and the Caribbean, Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa.

Wellington Antonio Barrientos worked his way up from licensed financial advisor working with equity, bonds, option derivatives to working with Lloyds of London insurance, NYSE, Nasdaq. Then moved up to Hedge Fund manager to pick the best strategies and to protect investments from systemic market risk and create growth. Wellington Antonio Barrientos moved up again with hard work and success to investment banking division and evaluating companies and founders to approve for funding and become IPO Initial public offering like Coinbase and get listed on an exchange. Even with all found success and powerful knowledge of the Worldwide financial system and making institutional investors and accredited investors and also global financial companies make lucrative profitable revenue there was always a philanthropist side to Wellington Antonio Barrientos to help people achieve financial freedom. One day doing research for the technology sector in finance came upon an interesting technology Cryptocurrency on a blockchain called Bitcion and the creator called Satoshi Nakamoto. This is were Wellington Antonio Barrientos life changed forever. With all the powerful knowledge of the financial system and industry Cryptocurrency and blockchain will be the next thing to send shockwaves of new innovations and technology and more would follow after Bitcoin then came Ethereum. Wellington Antonio Barrientos became more and more interested in this new technology and finance together that he saw a promising future in this new blockchain technology Bitcoin coin and new developments that he left Wall Street to learn more about the Cryptocurrency around the year 2011 when litecoin came out. With any great technology innovations like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Apple, Amazon, Tesla requires a vast amount of funding for research, development, and launching. Wellington Antonio Barrientos believe so much in the Blockchain that one day he would create his own decentralized peer to peer technology on the Blockchain. After eight years of research on Blockchain technology Wellington Antonio Barrientos fully understood the Blockchain system. With many financial instruments you have to clearly understand what you are purchasing and what it does simply for everyone to understand.

Wellington Antonio Barrientos purchased his first Bitcoin Cryptocurrency on the Blockchain the 9-18-2017 on coinbase as a peer to peer decentralized digital currency he could use to purchase information and other research and development tools to one day launch create one day on the Blockchain. With his advance financial knowledge created his own personal diversified portfolio mirror what an global investment bank does to rise capital for funding his Blockchain research, development and launch. Wellington Antonio Barrientos love creating and the Blockchain to fund his personal diversified portfolio that mirror what an global investment bank do he became an independent contractor self employed self made. Wellington Antonio Barrientos moved on to his next endeavors To do what he is passionate about so he could create in the fashion world, and Hollywood movie and television entertainment business and rise funds for Blockchain creations while being an independent contractor self employed. With much success in every thing he has ever worked for he landed a modeling contract to become a Wilhelmina models in 2011 to 2013. In 2013 to present Wellington Antonio Barrientos again found success as an actor got his first speaking role as an Actor and was able to join

Sag-Aftra screen actors guild American federation of television and radio artists and also has a bicoastal talent agency in New York and los Angeles representing him for feature film, television, and modeling department.

In 2018 Wellington Antonio Barrientos also a developer that created a successful Cryptocurrency Terminal app called (Wellington A Barrientos App)was approved for listing on Amazon App store, Microsoft App Store, Google play App Store, Apple App Store with break through informational analysis for financial banking Institutions and financial professionals and new cryptocurrency investors to bring awareness on a global level about Blockchain and bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies simplified so people could understand it and use its many functions with first of its kind Social Network for everything cryptocurrency bitcoin upload text and photos and status an video and more. Also gave this app to people that wanted to get involved in blockchain and Cryptocurrency but didn’t know how. As well as gave his most trusted friends he worked with in the global financial investment banking industry on Wall Street. That work with institutional investors and accredited investors. Then at first they used the app with success, then introduced it to clients and worldwide financial media CNBC and more could not stop talking blockchain and Cryptocurrency’s and new technologies that could be implemented with blockchain, Bitcoin, and Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies reached a record high beyond any disbeliever expectations. Companies started using blockchain like IBM, Microsoft, Royal Dutch Sell, Prudential Financial, visa and MasterCard to name a few.

Wellington Antonio Barrientos then knew his mission to bring awareness to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and uses for implementation of the technology. It was now time to move on to the next endeavor. He created an NFT Blackhole absorbing in motion NFT and got verified as a creator (Wellyart) on Rarible and found success and sold his first NFT on Rarible and used the funds he earn from the sell of his NFT to support two new up and coming NFT artist. He is also on opensea and even had a twit on Twitter with positive vibes from an award winning art journalist Katya Kazakina and contributor to New York Times and author Bloomberg website

Wellington Antonio Barrientos is aways evolving as a visionary the next successful creation will be created on the Blockchain and send shockwaves in the blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and also new global technologies and also advancements is his 2021 latest creation,

Metaverse Quantum (MTQ) digital currency cryptocurrency. Metaverse meaning a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.

Quantum (PHYSICS) a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents. Basically Virtual Energy. Wellington Antonio Barrientos created Metaverse Quantumreun on the Blockchain technology network to create Metaverse Quantum (MTQ) digital currency, cryptocurrency.